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"Crack Me If You Can" - DEFCON 2010
The contest has ended. Congratulations and our thanks to all who participated. Team hashcat took first place; teams CrackHeads and john-users took second and third, respectively. See the Teams page and the Statistics page below for more information about the participants, their writeups of their experiences during the contest, and breakdowns of what kinds of passwords cracked, etc.

The Wordlists Used by KoreLogic

The Teams That Competed

Statistics Page

How the Passwords Were Created

Rules Used to Generate the Passwords

Introduction and Rules

Press FAQ

How to Register

How to Submit Passwords

Download the hashes (Anyone can now play)

PGP key for submissions (submission@contest.korelogic.com)

PGP key for a human (defcon-2010-contest@korelogic.com)

Our T-shirts had an easter egg, Brad Horrocks and Kevin Frey figured it out.


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