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"Crack Me If You Can" - DEFCON 2010
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Team 16Crack

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Members 1
Names Brad Tilley
Software 16Crack (Software written by 16Systems)
Hardware One Six-core AMD 1090T CPU

16Crack - Crack Me If You Can

We entered 16Crack in the DEFCON 2010 'Crack Me If You Can' password cracking contest which was sponsored by KoreLogic. Our team consisted of one person with one six core CPU (AMD 1090T) running 16Crack. According to the final results, we placed toward the lower/middle of the teams scoring 3,753 points. The winning team (hashcat) scored roughly 38,000 points.

Notes - Passwords in our list longer than 5 chars were cracked by CVSN pattern matching. Competing teams used hundreds of cloud computing CPUs and multiple high-end GPU cards. So this was not an evenly matched contest... we're not complaining, just stating facts.

Lessons learned - While consonant, vowel, number patterns are a valid approach to password cracking, having multiple approaches (brutes, dictionaries, etc.) is the most successful. Hashcat seems to be the best free password cracker in use today and JTR is still an awesome hash cracker.


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